Plagiarism Policy

Manuscripts submitted to PHILIA should base on a methodological study/work including original and new finds and approaches filling a gap in the field, or should review published materials and suggest both analytical and remarkable opinions. It is solely the authors' responsibility to check permissions for materials (image,  graph, picture etc.) used in their article. PHILIA do not accept responsibility for the copyright infringements. Author(s) accept their sole responsibility on the use of material in their submissions. Furthermore, all papers of PHILIA are controlled by iThenticate program for the measurement of similarity values and plagiarism. Thus, we aim to ensure that all articles are original and prevent plagiarism. If Similarity Index (SI) of the article is above 20%, it is sent back to the corresponding author/authors to revise it and bring its SI below 20%, failure of which will result in rejection of article at very first step. If the article is unsuitable to the requirements of the journal or cannot pass the iThenticate audit, rejection is decided.